And This Is Why

Back in September, I took a wonder-filled vacation. Unfortunately this experience was overshadow by the death of my mom, so I never wrote about it. It was an amazing trip. My husband, friends of ours, Kathy and Jerry, and I explored the many natural wonders around the Las Vegas area. What we saw was breathtaking and redefined the word Awesome. Many a time I stood truly in Awe. Mount Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, the Lake Mead area, and yes, the Grand Canyon.  Being at these places and experiencing the feelings running through me, made me realize several things.

First and foremost, I am and have been so incredibly lucky in my life as to have traveled many places. I grew up camping with my family in three different campers. The first two my dad and Uncle Bill built, can you imagine that! And then, mom and dad bought the Weekender. In these three rigs, we camped from Maine to Florida, from the east coast to the  Mississippi River and in each state in between. How’s that for a childhood! As an adult I have traveled, staying in everything from a tent to a five star resort as well as several cruises. I’ve been to several islands, Mexico, Canada and Alaska. I have seen Bear, Elk, Moose, Whales, Big Horn Sheep, and my goodness, I could go on.

This brings me to the second thing I realized: We live in a remarkable world, filled with beauty and majesty. In this country alone there is more to see than the average person can even start to imagine. The mountains, rivers, plains and prairies, yes, even the cities can have their own beauty. And I want to see as much of it as I possibly can.

Standing there looking across at the vastness, the wordless beauty of the Grand Canyon made me realize just how much I want this. Discussing it with Paul, as he, too, tried to take it all in, we decided, yes, come retirement there is little we would want more than to buy an trailer and take to the road.

And so the preparations begin!!

Paul and I at Grand Canyon