No Pocket, No Problem

I love to walk, it is definitely my favorite type of exercise. Not to mention sometimes my only form of exercise, LOL, though I have remembered my love for swimming this summer.  I try to take a walk every morning, living so close to a state park makes for a great walking destination.  Usually I have pockets in my clothing but every once in a while I head out the door in an outfit with no pocket. Well, gee, where am I suppose to put my cell phone? I have now solved that problem. I made myself a cell phone belt. I didn’t really want a fanny pack style, I didn’t need anything that bulky. I also didn’t want to have to mess with zippers, snaps or buttons. Something I could just slip my cell into and go.  I decided to just freestyle it with the idea of want I wanted in my head. Using fabric leftover from an outfit I made my grandson several years ago, a purchased length of webbing and a Parachute Buckle by Dritz both bought from JoAnn Fabrics, I went to town.

I laid the fabric out folded and used my phone as a guide, adding an inch and quarter to each side and inch and a half to the top. Turned under a half inch twice along the top edges to finish off. I then decided to play with my new serger for the sides.  Measuring in an inch from each side and down about the same I made buttonholes though both layers of fabric to run the belt though.  Sewed the webbing to the buckle adjusted the fit and Voila! I can now carry my cell phone anytime I want!