And Sew I Begin

I’ve decided to start this new blog as a way of recording my sewing projects and perhaps, reviews of the patterns, notions and gadgets I use for them. I read others and so enjoy them, I figure what a great way to relive my sewing life when I desire. There will also be the odds and ends of my thoughts, dreams, adventures, etc of the rest of my life. Whatever I fancy at the moment. Having started to use Instagram I came to realize how much I like having photos of what I make in one easy to access place. Also it made me want to write a bit about what I made, so going to give blogging  another go. I have sporadically blogged in the past using but found it cumbersome to get to as I didn’t set it up right to begin with, so starting anew.

I will be adding my projects as I do them as well as posting projects I’ve done it the past. So if indeed should anyone find my little blog, I hope you enjoy it and follow along on my new adventure where ever it might lead!  Please, feel free to comment, suggest, leave me your blog information.


Comment, anyone?!?