My Two Machines!

These are my two beautiful machines.


My first machine was a Singer which I received for Christmas when I was eleven and that lasted til my earlier twenties. I then got a Kenmore which I had for 36 years and I finally decided it was time to upgrade. So for my birthday last September I bought myself the Brother CX205LA : (Is there a way to make the font smaller?) I do so love it, it is easy to use and change setting; it has had me sewing up a storm!


I just recently bought my serger or as I like to say “A little Brother”, hehehe). Have only use it once but am so happy to have it and look forward to playing as I learn to use it. I want to do more with knits and while I know you can use a sewing machine I like the finishing of a serger.

With these two beauties and “Marge” my body double (more on her later) I am ready to sew into retirement!! May that day come soon!!



Comment, anyone?!?