Sewing? or Magic?

Had time this morning so spent it in one of my favorite places, my sewing room. I am in the process of learning my serger a bit more as I make a tank top for myself. While there, cutting out the pattern, marking, adjusting, pressing, pinning, and yes even sewing, I couldn’t help my mind from wondering off on its own.  One of my thoughts: Why do we call it “sewing?” Anyone who does this knows the actually sewing part is probably the time least spent!  So what should we call it? None of the other processes work, Dressmaker? I wasn’t making a dress. Apparel Fabricator? well that’s a mouthful. Until I come up with something better I’ll just call it Magic! After all, I’m taking this flat piece of material and making it into something I slip over my head and it stays on and looks decent. That’s Magic!!

Comment, anyone?!?