Tale Of Two Shirts Part 1

Going through my stash one day I happened upon this pretty light weight, woven fabric. Where/when did I get it? I haven’t a clue but had quite a bit so decided to make a sleeveless blouse. Thought perhaps I’d also make a short sleeved blouse as well thinking I could wear them as a twin set.  I set about looking though my patterns and found one of each that looked like they would work. Both were New Look patterns, 6266 and 6483 I had never used that brand before but hey I made many a thing and used lots of other patterns, shouldn’t be a problem. As I opened the pattern sheets up, I quickly gave a skewed look as while all were multi-sized, some had three or so in sequence, others had every other size and some had all the sizes. Quite Confusing. Unfortunately, it was at that point I made a rookie mistake. I measured myself and decided on a size according to the patterns suggestion. I did not take note of the amount of ease New Look gives their patterns and for the life of me I would never have expected 6 – 7 inches of ease for a tank top or campstyle blouse! But I will confess twas my fault on that one. Of course this was after I cut it out that I realized, no way were these the right size! Yes, I know better, not sure where my head was. Obviously, was going to have to do quite a bit of altering there! So I measured and remeasured, wound up going down two sizes, which worked out well as I could reuse the pattern pieces I had already cut and just cut out the new size.

I decided to do the short sleeved blouse first. Well then the adjustments started: I didn’t like the length of the sleeves so added a bit there and arms is one area I can certainly use the extra room so the extra ease worked well there. Not the original amount but the second cutting. I tweeked here and adjusted there until even I couldn’t keep up with the changes!  But perseverance pays off, finally done and I must say it came out rather nicely!


Comment, anyone?!?