Tale Of Two Shirts Part 2

Quick recap: (More detail in “Tale Of Two Shirts Part 1) Going through my stash one day I happened upon this pretty light weight, woven fabric and decided to make a sleeveless blouse. I also set out to make a short sleeved campstyle blouse. Looking though my patterns, I went with New Look patterns, 6266 and 6483. Not having used New Look and making rookie mistake, I didn’t realize the ridiculous amount of ease built in to these patterns and wound up cutting out a much to big size, 6 inches of ease in a sleeveless blouse?!?!!? crazy. Having made the campstyle shirt first I knew I would have to go down two sizes. Then the fun began.  I like style D for the scooped neckline, so want with that one.

Blouse went to together rather quickly, tried it on before adding bias tape to neckline and so very glad I did.

Lots of gaping going on, hmmm, now what. Decided to make mini inverted pleat center front, that seemed to take care of it.


Decided to make my own bias tape for the neckline and armsyce. Actually was my first time making my own, interesting and rewarding experience. I shall do a separate blog post on that.  Suffice to say it came out quite well. First tried the continuous cut method but left me with to many seams and that was not the look I was going for. Since the lengths I needed weren’t too long I just cut it on the bias to the width and length I wanted for each piece. 

All finished! Try it on and love the fit but… Uh oh little too much peek a boo when I bend over. That is not going to work, think, think, think. Well the only thing I could come up with at this point without taking the whole thing apart (and wasn’t going there!) to fold the corners of the front neckline up at the bias tape making it look like little seams. Actually worked rather nicely, tiny little bump in one corner, only if you  look close. May decided to redo that one but, for now… Voila! another one done!









Comment, anyone?!?