My Agnes

I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to sew of late, my son was staying with us for several weeks which meant no sewing room. So sad, but loved having him with us, truly worth the sacrifice. I did manage to get a shirt made. An Agnes by Halla Patterns, which you can get free by joining their Facebook group. That is a good deal! With the pattern you can make a swing top or swing dress (of multiple lengths) and several sleeve options.

I am trying to stay with my sewing wardrobe plan, filling in with items that go with what I already have. I have many printed tops and printed jacket/sweater type items so I am concentrating on making several articles in soled. Not as fun and showy as many of the Agnes’ I have seem others make but perhaps in the future. For now, I decided on a sleeveless top in navy blue.

Great pattern with easy to follow directions. Very few adjustments needed, though I did lower the neckline about an inch. The fabric I used was an inexpensive knit from Walmart to use for Knitlins (muslin made of knit),. Okay, I grabbed that term from Annette over at The Sewful Life, couldn’t help myself, love that word. Anyway, the fabric has a nice drape and is quite comfy.

Here are some photos, the last one is me wearing my Agnes with one of my colorful drape cardigans (not me made) at Hershey park with my grandson.

Ta for now!

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