And one more for the trip!

I have a very exciting week coming up! Heading to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon for my birthday! Gad I’m feeling like a little kid, all giddy inside. Also will be going to the Valley Of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, and, well, any where else that looks like fun. Busy deciding what to bring, what to wear. Days will be warm but nights get chilly. I decided to make a draped cardigan, I do love that style. I have a lot of Navy Blue knit fabric that I bought at WalMart to use as knitlin (yes love that word, knit muslin for those interested) last used for my Agnes Swing Top. I am trying to stay true to my wardrobe building and a solid blue cardigan will fit right in.  I went with McCall’s M6084, noted on pattern as easy 1 hour cardigan, view D. This pattern comes in three sizes per envelope, in this case, XSm-Sm-Med; I used the Medium. Didn’t have to much altering to do, just shortened it about 4-5 inches and used a narrower seam allowance in the arms.  The directions are quite forward and had no trouble sewing it up. Love my serger! Well, except for the ole brain freezing while trying to figure out how to make the collar. Really was’t difficult, I just for some reason couldn’t wrap my head around what was being instructed. Stepped back, cleansing breathe, Okay, I got this and I did.  I took an extra step and hand stitched the collar under along the center back seam, I like the drape better that way, it lays smoother. One could also stitch in the ditch carefully but I felt more secure getting things to line up with hand sewing.

I could definitely use this pattern again, hmm, perhaps in that green knit I picked up!     Vegas, Grand Canyon, Watch out cause here I come! I think a glass of wine overlooking the Grand Canyon will be a perfect way to celebrate!