From Shawl to Caftan

I love upcycling, taking something I have and turning it into something  even better. This is a great example of that. I had a shawl that I loved but was difficult to work with at work. I was always fussing with it. I saw a clever idea for turning one into a caftan  and jumped right on it.  In the post I read at, the neckline was cut to shape but mine already had nice shaping.  Here’s what I did in a nutshell. By winging it, I decided how far in I needed to make my side seams, which was 9 inches. Also I needed to determine how far up the side seam should go leaving plenty of room for arm movement, 15 inches seemed right for me.  Now how am I going to mark my seam? I certainly didn’t want to use chalk or marking pen as I needed to do this on the right side of the fabric and my shawl is very textured. Oh, brilliant, blue painter’s tape. Don’t you just love that stuff it comes in so handy for so many different things. Having my measurements and blue tape, I laid out my shawl folding it in half (more/less) with what would become the center edges facing up neckline at the top. Measuring in for the sides and up from the bottom I was able to place my tape. Used a straight stitch for the seam and VIOLA!   I love my new caftan!