Has it really been over 27 years!!!

Time is interesting. It doesn’t seem that long ago, I started thinking about retirement. I remember saying, jokingly, once I have my 25 years in I can retire with full benefits from the library: Gee only 15 more years, only 10 more years, wow, only five more years till I’m fully vested and can think about retiring. Well, my 25 years have come and gone, and I am now truly looking to the future, to the “next big thing.” Actually, it is now over 27 years, which amazes me to no end, 27 years working at the library. Ha, I remember the day I came in with Phil and Sara, Sara was in first grade, to a Art and Craft program for them. I noticed the sign “Part-time Page wanted, 10 hours a week.” I thought about it for a couple of days considering the pros and cons of going back to work. I liked being home but hey, it would be a little extra spending money for me. The hours were perfect, kids would be in school and it was only a few hours a day, a few days a week. Why not go for it. I came, picked up an application, man, I was so glad I didn’t need a resume. I hadn’t work since before Phil was born! I was called the next day for an interview, (Whoa talk about being nervous!) and was given the job then and there. Woohoo, I was a working woman once again! LOL.

A year later, I was approached by the director, the secretary was leaving and would I like to become full-time. Wow, that was a tough decision to make. Sara was in second grade, Phil was in sixth and it meant I wouldn’t be home when they got home. I’m sure if there are any parents of school age children reading this you are chuckling, in this day and age you are back to work within the first year of the child’s life. Even then, more both parents working that not, I was fortunate to be home that long. I did some soul searching, Phil was getting older and we had to start thinking about the possibility of him continuing his education. There was a lot of trouble in paradise and well, this could be a way of making or breaking it, and it was time for me to start looking to the future. I decided to go for it. I remember thinking, yeah ,it could be a stepping stone, work there for couple, five years and then maybe move on to something else.

In so many ways, it was the best choice I could have made. And here, now, almost 28 years later, I’m looking toward the end.  Granted I have a couple more years, but way back then, who would have thought.